Brief introduction to Zagros planting technicians

Zagros Planting Technology Company with more than 9 years of experience, produces all kinds of advanced and modern equipment for seedling production, automatic and semi-automatic seedling tray sowing machines, intelligent irrigation canvas, all kinds of seedling, brigade, greenhouse technology, greenhouse automation, Types of seedling planting trays and rice seedling sowing machines in the tray that is the company's new and newly introduced product to the market.
This company has started its activity since 2011 and as the first company producing these products in Iran, using the latest world knowledge and synchronizing with the latest technologies, has succeeded in equipping more than 90% of Iran's greenhouses.
The company has succeeded in competing in terms of quality, speed and service with reputable global companies operating in Asia and Europe, to the extent that the company's products have been welcomed many times more than all reputable European brands in the last three years in Iran. Fakaz Company has been able to show the level of technology of the country and the ability of the youth of this region to its European competitors.
Fakaz is now a reliable name in the greenhouse and seedling industry in Iran.
The company won three top provincial entrepreneurships and was selected in 1998 as the National Model Working Group in the Agricultural Sector.
The devices that have been designed and produced so far by the research and development unit of Zagros Planting Technologists Company are:
Seedling tray seeder in four different models (for the first time in the country)
Seedling production line, fully automatic and smart in three different models (for the first time in the country)
Seedling machine based on internal and unique knowledge in three different models
Irrigation canvas machine
Seedling transplant machine that does not have an internal sample.
Seeder that does not have an internal sample.
Manual seed machine
Sorting machine
Seedling transplant robot
Rice seed planter in tray